Chris DiGiro raising championship belt

Fitness/Sports/Wellness Program Coordinator: Chris DiGiro, CPSI

"Hi, I’m your reigning, defending, undisputed KUCB Tundra Golf Tournament Champion (and resident Recreation Coordinator) Chris DiGiro!"

Chris accepted the position and moved here to Unalaska from central Connecticut in October of 2018 and prior to coming here, Chris had never been further west than Columbus, Ohio! Chris has worked in the Parks/Recreation field since 2003 with a three-year break working for iHeartMedia/iHeartRadio prior to coming to Unalaska. A jack-of-all-trades, some might say, in recreation from Pre-K Summer Camp Counselor to K-Teen Summer Camp Counselor, Basketball Supervisor, Skate Park Attendant, before/afterschool Teacher Aide and Teacher and interim Supervisor, and Assistant Site Director which was the final position Chris held prior to heading to iHeart.

In 2020 Chris completed his Master's Degree in Sport Management and obtained a Graduate Certificate in Athletic Administration in 2019. Chris obtained his CPSI certification in 2024.

Sports-wise, Chris grew up playing organized hockey and soccer while also playing all sorts of other sports like baseball, football, and basketball among others in the backyard growing up. Additionally he has participated in Hershey Track & Field and in 8th grade he was on his middle school’s track & field team running the 100 and 200m races and doing shot-put. The sports Chris has stuck with has been hockey (both ice and roller) and took up golf in his teenage years, all things he loves to do when he go back home to Connecticut to visit.

Chris is looking forward to sharing his sports experiences, passion, and knowledge with the community in the form of our various sports leagues, camps, and virtual programming!

Coaches and team pose for youth sports league

Youth Sports Leagues

PCR offers two 6 week sports leagues per year for Grades K-8; basketball and indoor soccer. Youth Basketball typically starts late September/early October and ends around mid-November of each year while Youth Soccer starts in early January and ends around mid-February. Each league offers one practice and one game a week. These leagues represent excellent opportunities for adults and teens to volunteer as coaches and/or referees, please contact the Sports Coordinator a few weeks before the start of the program at 907-581-1297 if you’re interested!

City Soccer League Team

City League Sports

PCR offers four sports leagues per year for adults; basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, and softball. Typically City League basketball, soccer, and volleyball all occur on one weeknight during the season. City League Basketball and City League Soccer align date-wise with our Youth League seasons and are generally also 6 week seasons and each league offers one game a week depending on the number of teams signed up. City League Volleyball begins in late-February and lasts until about early April and also offers one game a week depending on the number of teams signed up. City League Softball offers 1-2 games a week depending on the number of teams signed up at Kelty Field in Unalaska Valley. These leagues are 18+, co-ed recreational leagues and are intended to be fun with friendly competition. These leagues represent excellent opportunities for adults and teens (18+) to volunteer and be paid to referee or umpire games, please contact the Sports Coordinator a few weeks before the start of the program at 907-581-1297 if you’re interested!

Runners in a community race event


PCR offers several annual races which vary in distance, terrain, and weather!

In late February PCR holds their annual Polar Bear Run 5K on a flat yet windy course on Summer Bay Road which is a nice, cold test and open to our racing season.

In June, on the first day of summer, PCR holds their annual Summer Solstice Run which is a 2-mile course that begins at the Carl Moses Boat Harbor and racers will run on the backside of Bunker Hill to Little South America Rock turnaround point and head back to the harbor.

In mid-July PCR holds their annual Ballyhoo Mountain Run which begins at the base of the mountain and racers will navigate up the well-traveled Ballyhoo Mountain trail. Racers under 12 will stop about ¾ of the way up the mountain before turning around, 13 y/o and older will head all the way to the top of the mountain before heading back to the starting line.

In late August PCR holds their annual Bunker Hill Endurance Challenge which tests the ability of leisure walkers and active runners alike. Racers have a certain amount of hours to complete as many laps up and down the Bunker Hill trail as they can, maxing out at a marathon distance or until the time limit ends.

PCR’s final race of the season is a fundraiser race to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Each December, generally in conjunction with PCR’s Holiday Bazaar event, the St. Jude Santa 5K Fun Run takes place. With donations of $20 or more racers get a Santa hat and beard and may run the race in style (and warmth)! The course begins at the PCR Community Center, continues to Unalaska Valley to the Kelty Field road entrance turnaround point, and racers will head back to the starting line. All proceeds and funds raised for the St. Jude Santa 5K Fun Run go directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

Participants in Youth Sports Camps

Youth Sports Camps

PCR offers several youth sports camps over the course of the year which are all open to boys and girls.

PCR, in conjunction with the UCSD High School team, holds a Youth Wrestling Camp for grades K-8 and a Youth Volleyball Camp for grades 3-6.

During Youth Basketball and Soccer League seasons PCR holds 30min week-long Little Dribblers Camp for ages 3-5 y/o preschoolers for whichever sport is in season.

PCR offers an outdoor Soccer Camp in late summer for grades K-12.

Example of community members using Fitness on Demand

Virtual Fitness Programming

PCR offers virtual fitness classes thanks to Fitness on Demand! These classes are available to the public on a drop-in basis in our Community Center Multipurpose Room.

There are a wide array of class offerings available to choose from including classes for HIIT, yoga, cardio, wellness, dance, and nutrition. If you're someone who prefers a more private setting to work out or are just beginning your fitness journey but are not sure where to start, this is perfect for you!

Advanced reservation is not required but strongly recommended! Call the Community Center at 907-581-1297 to inquire further or to reserve the room, or you can stop by and check it out!

Community members participating in fitness activities

Fitness Programming

Beyond our Virtual Fitness offerings, fitness class programming requires certified instructors and there is a lot of inconsistency between living out here in Unalaska and also having certified instructors living on the island.

PCR has been very lucky to have offered the following fitness classes at one time or another over the course of the past few years: POUND, Zumba, Yoga, Martial Arts, Meditation, and Capoeira. Please check out our Sports Programming page for more up-to-date fitness class offerings!

PCR also partners with the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc. [APIA] to implement Go 4 Life, a free, drop-in, low-impact senior fitness class for our community elders (ages 55+). Please check our Sports Programming page for more up-to-date class offerings!

If you are a certified instructor of a fitness discipline (who can present a physical copy of your certification) and wish to teach a fitness class then please contact the Sports Coordinator at 907-581-1287!